Bunting Inspiration Board

September 27, 2012 in Inspiration Boards, Sara Burnett - Inspiration & Decor Expert by JenniBush


Bunting: Knots and Kisses stationary, cake, brown bag with bunting, Mr & Mrs sign, reception area, just married signage, bunting gift tags.


Bunting adds a fun, festive, DIY vibe to any event, especially weddings! Use bunting as photo props, to decorate your reception area, and give bunting lined gift tags to guests to write their well wishes on. For softer themed weddings, use bunting made from vintage lace and floral print materials, or bolder colors (like those shown in the inspiration board) to create a young, celebratory atmosphere.

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Sara Burnett

Sara currently lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and is obsessed with color and style. She works on the editorial team at Modern Weddings Hawaii and recently launched her own site for mood boards.