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5 comments on “Add your Business to the Directory

  1. LESLEY BEE on said:

    Love your website.
    Best wishes
    Lesley Bee

    • Avatar of JenniBushJenniBush on said:

      Thank you xx : ) we’ve just been looking at yours, doesn’t the bride in the slideshow look so happy and radiant! we like : ) thank you for adding your business to our directory. : )

  2. Bride on said:

    Why is there no NI section and why is there no wedding dress expert?

    • Avatar of JenniBushJenniBush on said:

      There is a Northern Ireland section and we have a wedding dress expert lined up to feature soon

      • Avatar of JenniBushJenniBush on said:

        For Ireland and Northern Ireland please scroll to the bottom of the lists (they were added at a later date so do not appear in order with the other listings)sorry

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